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Home additions are an increasingly sought-after way for homeowners to amplify their living space, upgrade their homes’ usefulness and elevate their property’s value. This trend has noticeably picked up in recent years due to many people opting to remain in their residences instead of relocating to a bigger or costlier one. People want to expand the functionality of their current homes but want to avoid going through the hassle and expense of moving.

For any homeowner looking to upgrade their space with a home addition, Clark Custom Builders offers full service in Gahana, OH and is the perfect partner for them. We consider every step to ensure your growth project is economical and purposeful while also being aesthetically pleasing. Our team takes care of it all so that planning and executing your dream space becomes much easier! We ensure each detail aligns with our customer’s wishes, helping them create a cost-effective solution for their personal needs.

Home Additions Services

Nowadays, home addition includes more than just adding a new room – modern additions can include everything from custom-built decks and patios to outdoor kitchens. We offer several services to make your dream home addition a reality. Below are some of the services we offer:

Single-Story Home Additions

At Clark Custom Builders, we specialize in constructing single-story additions that blend harmoniously with your existing home. We can create additional living spaces, such as a family room or a master suite, or expand the kitchen or dining area. Single-story home additions are famous for their versatility and can be designed to match the existing style of your home.

Multi-Story Home Additions

Clark Custom Builders specialize in multi-story home additions that enhance your existing residence and add more stories for those looking to expand their living space. It can include adding a second or third story to the existing structure or building a new one connecting to the main house. If you need more space, consider this option, as it can provide more living room without altering the current structure.

Room Additions

At Clark Custom Builders, our experienced team will create the perfect room addition for your requirements – from an extra bedroom to a private office or entertainment space. Let us help you transform your home and make it even more liveable! We strive to understand exactly what our clients want from the project and create a personalized plan that meets their preferences. Let us help bring life into your home with one-of-a-kind customizations that perfectly match any existing architecture.

Kitchen Additions

Let Clark Custom Builders transform your kitchen into the stylish and functional space of your dreams! We create custom additions tailored to each client’s requirements, from additional countertops and storage areas to modernized appliances and finishes. Our team can help you build a one-of-a-kind masterpiece out of an outdated room.

Bathroom Additions

At Clark Custom Builders, we offer a range of bathroom possibilities, from the construction of brand-new ones to the expansion and renovation of existing ones. With custom designs tailored to meet your needs, you can have everything from an indulgent spa-like retreat in your home to a practical family bathroom with all the necessary amenities. Let us help make your dreams come true!

Garage Additions

If you require additional space for your automobiles or storage, Clark Custom Builders can craft and construct garage expansions that complement your existing home. Transform your unused garage into a profitable and attractive space with us! We can construct one or multiple additional bays, create an efficient workshop area, add storage options, or even build a full second-level apartment above the existing garage.

Second-story Addition

If you’re dreaming of adding extra space to your current abode, Clark Custom Builders can assist with constructing a second story, thus cultivating an abundance of living areas and augmenting the worth of your residence. For those looking to add additional living space while maintaining the same aesthetic as their existing home, we can create and construct a custom two-story addition tailored to your needs. Our design will perfectly complement your current home’s architecture and overall style. 

Why Clark Custom Builders?

Nowadays, the market is filled with several home addition companies, but Clark Custom Builders stands out from the rest due to its commitment to providing clients with the highest quality workmanship and service. Discover why so many turn to Clark Custom Builders for their construction needs for these reasons:

Experienced and Trusted Professionals

When creating your dream home, having prior experience is essential for a successful and satisfying result. That’s why so many hometown customers come to Clark Custom Builders – our team of experienced professionals is knowledgeable in the construction industry and dedicated to providing you with an exceptional building journey from start to finish. With years of excellence behind us, we guarantee that your new abode will be one you’ll cherish for years to come!

Quality Materials and Workmanship

Clark Custom Builders is committed to superior quality, our topmost priority. We use only the most excellent materials and employ talented craftsmen who take pride in their work. At Clark Custom Builders, we understand a home should be beautiful yet long-lasting; therefore, we are dedicated to utilizing the finest building practices and ideal components. One aspect of our business that sets us apart from everyone else is our concentration on detail—confirming your addition will be crafted with accuracy and attention!

Safety and Building Codes

Here at our company, we prioritize your safety above all else. To ensure that every construction detail is up to code, we vigilantly adhere to industry regulations and standards. Our team is adept at recognizing potential dangers and taking the necessary steps to ensure you are safe and can enjoy peace of mind. We emphasize providing quality construction so that your home will be structurally sound and as secure as possible.

Competitive Prices

At Clark Custom Builders, we put quality first – no matter the cost. We understand that you want your money to go as far as possible and don’t believe in cutting corners on material or craftsmanship. That’s why we strive to provide our clients with the highest value for their investments without sacrificing any superior quality they deserve.

Excellent Customer Service

Constructing a home is no small feat; we strive to make the process as peaceful and effortless for you as possible. Our staff of professionals has made it their mission to supply our clients with exceptional customer service during every step of the construction journey. We remain committed to honoring your wishes and collaborating with you to turn your dream home into an achievable reality!